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Why Indian Footwear Manufacturers Have Been Taking Over The Shoe Industry

Shoes are an integral part of fashion because they are responsible for making or breaking the outfit. The premise of wearing shoes is necessary because they are not just supposed to be fashionable, as good shoes are also comfortable. To wear a shoe that will give you sores and cuts is not worth it at the end of the day. It is also necessary that your shoes last for a while before you replace them again.  Your shoes being worn out only once or twice after wearing are not signs of the best investment. Recently, Indian footwear manufacturers have been taking over the shoe industry with good reasons as to why! 

Why invest in buying shoes from Indian footwear manufacturers? 

Comfort and Durability: 

Flexible and soft materials are utilized in production to provide maximum comfort when wearing to prevent sores and cuts on your toes and heels. Outsole grip under the shoes provides grip to the entire mechanism that prevents the wearer from falls, slips and hurting the feet on uneven or rocky ground.

Cushioning shoe for the feet also protects the feet from being hurt by pebbles and sharp stones on ground. Material durability also plays a significant role because the shoe should last a while before you need a new pair. Indian footwear manufacturers see to such requirements. 

Fashionable and Versatile: 

The designs are all modern and up-to-date with the current fashion trends. Purchasing shoes that can be worn with many outfits are the norm because they should be versatile enough for casual wear and for necessary functions to create style statement by setting yourself apart and making your attire look complete. 


Quality is always the number one priority when it comes to shoes. Material used, designs and colour should last long and stay wearable for a good time. Soles and heels of your shoes will last longer and stay on for a longer time, saving you extra costs on constantly changing and replacing your shoes. The best part about investing in these shoes is the assortment of colours, cuts, and designs are the range that will get you reeling. 

The vibrant aesthetic and comfortable wear truly set the shoes apart from everything else. All the shoemakers are highly inventive and skillful, acquiring many a buyers who export shoes in bulk from India. 

The technology and innovation that works behind the art of shoemaking have been pushing this venture to the top of the global market for all the right reasons. The commitment to all arrears of shoemaking that has set the venture apart from its contemporaries. 


NK International strives to do the best for all the customers and to adhere to their needs. In this venture, production of shoes is not just a business because the venture is determined to bring the best and revolutionize the shoe industry for good. In accordance to high standards, producing and delivering quality coupled with fashion is what is done best. Time and energy spent on every shoe is a mark of care and concern for the customer base. The team and staff are always welcome to assist in purchases and help you through the purchasing system so you can have a great shopping experience.